Welcome to my colorful world!

I enjoy connecting to my subjects through the process of making art about them, using humor and bright colors. A grey and brown world is so boring, so I try to liven it up with bright color whenever I can.

I work mostly with watercolor. I also dabble in light art, and computer art using the Processing computer language. 

Making art is a form of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) for me. 😂  It helps me feel like I can stay in the moment of that happy family photo for a while longer. Or cuddle that fur baby one more time. Or get in touch with the personality of that wonky house. Or I can feel what it’s like to have so many different types of feathers. Or be a fish with a big U-shaped mouth that everyone thinks makes you look grumpy, but really it’s a big U-shaped opening that has to turn itself upside down to open up, so fish are not really grumpy at all! Once I connect I can feel the graceful swishiness of their tails, and feel my own big round butt swishing alongside them.



About Viktoria Night

About Viktoria Night

Artist, Mother, Former Computer Security Engineer

I like the night. I love sleeping and dreaming. I love looking at the stars. I love how quiet it is at night and how easy it is to work when everyone is sleeping. I like living in the GMT +1 time zone because I can sleep late and still be up early for people in the US. I sunburn easily, and the Daystar tires me. I am not a goth, but if I had to choose a sub-genre, I guess I would be a perky goth.


I’ve wanted to make art since I was a child. My parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1969 and ended up meeting each other in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They divorced soon after I was born and went their separate ways again. Growing up I was always drawing on something – scrap paper, the underside of tables, the backs of chairs, sidewalks. My mother noticed this and declared “I didn’t come to this country so that you could be an artist!“ Thus began a lifelong struggle between me being a good daughter and first generation immigrant, and me following my irresponsible, irrational artistic passion. 

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Loyola University Chicago in an effort to be a responsible person with a real job. Whenever I could, I took art classes during nights and weekends at various places around Chicago – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Illinois Institute of Art, The College of DuPage, The Pallet and Chisel, and The Lill Street Art Center. I worked in the computer security field for about 15 years before I met my husband and moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Once I moved to Amsterdam I got married and pregnant pretty quickly, while also continuing my art education. I completed the Orientation Year Program at the esteemed Rietveld Academy. I interviewed for that program a few days after giving birth to my first child. The woman who interviewed me, a mother herself, took one look at me in my wheelchair (I still couldn’t walk much after my C-section surgery) and declared “You are a mother. You will never be an artist!“ And yet here we are. 😄 Later I found a more inclusive local art community at a place called Artless, and in the Amsterdam Urban Sketchers.

I finally made the switch from part-time to full-time artist due to the Dutch government’s mandatory Dutch language classes for immigrants (the inburgering). The classes were held four days a week, which made it impossible to hold down a full-time office job. Plus while looking around for a security job I was told by a prominent Dutch computer security company manager that he would never hire a woman because as soon as you hire one woman then “you can’t fart and look at porn in the office all day“. Hmmm, maybe I didn’t want to work there after all. 🙂

Now I make art at home in my living room while my two young children are in school. Due to space limitations I mostly work in watercolor, and make small LED light sculptures. My computer science background has come in handy for doing things like making computer art using the Processing programming language. My background in computer security has made me interested in subjects like exploring randomness, which is important for cryptography, and visualizing computer network traffic in interesting ways. I found the detours I have taken in becoming a full-time artist useful in the end. It’s like that thing that guy said about the crooked path made straight. Or like Pete the Cat says “It’s all good!“ 😎